SMALL THROW PIT  (78"x44"x5.5")  

Rebound throw mats have excellent wear, replaceable foam and comfortable handles. The competition sized small mats are the most popular, but the large mats provide better cushioning. At 102” x 57” x 11” they are specially designed to remove most of an athlete’s bounce.

The material in our covers vastly outlasts traditional mat covers. The covers have no stitching on the edges. If you have ever seen the edges of other old mats, you will know why!

New Medium sized throw mat.
This is an improved version of a competition sized throw mat which can be used in training. It is larger than typical competition throw mats now in use, but still light. It is within the international norms on width and length. However, it uses two different foams inside, and is also slightly thicker than international rules now allow.

The main innovation is that the 3 sides away from the spotter are tapered on the underside so when thrown this mat will slide up and over the far side frame pads!
We hope that one day this new innovation will be internationally accepted.
A very convenient size for both trampoline and DMT training.

Available Size Options:
• MEDIUM THROW PIT WITH 3 ANGLED EDGES: 84”x54 x7.75" [DR-MTP8454775]
* LARGE THROW PIT: 102"x57"x11" [DR-LTP1025711]