INTRODUCING the first in our new line of RAPID springs, we have a 6.3” DMT spring which does more than 9” springs ever could. Rebound’s goal is Relentless product evolution. This is the next step forward…

When you jump on a DMT the springs move further downward than inward. Hence, by shifting the center of gravity of the spring towards the frame it reacts as if it were lighter, as the downward movement is reduced. Here the savings is about 20%. Light means rapid, and rapid means more power, as the bed comes up quicker.

Rebound Products has always been a champion of heavier springs, as we want to provide you with value. The maximum distance a spring can be stretched without damage is roughly proportional to its weight. However, a small increase in weight can give a large increase in lifetime as the probability of each degree of spring damaging extension is drastically reduced. (In this case a 10% weight increase resulting in about double the lifetime.)

Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Compared to conventional DMT springs these RAPID springs both last longer and respond quicker! More power packed in a nice little package.