REBOUND 6x12x2-String Bed

The Dave Ross 2 String bed is the only string bed in the world purpose designed to give the amount of power that performers want from a trampoline this size, and not more.

This is a great option for Clubs with a focus on recreation programs as the number of participants/ square foot goes up by 23%! When you take into account that it’s the longest lasting bed on the market, you can rest assured that your profits are being maximized.

You can get this cost savings and space savings yet maintain the slower bounce of larger trampolines by getting a one foot wider non-fold frame and wider frame pads. Kind of like getting your cake and eating it too!

Why 96 springs not 100?
Two reasons: One is that ideally end springs should be tighter or more numerous than side springs but when George Nissen started this great sport he did not do that. Plus, a smaller trampoline should have the springs spaced a bit further apart, so the bottom of the bounce does not come up too quickly. Removing two springs along each side of the bed accomplishes both.

The second is that most folding 6 x 12 trampolines have a problem that the leg bars are too close to the bed in 4 places, causing both a hazard on beds that depress well, and also some spring wear and clanking. Although both of our 6 x 12 trampoline frames have solved that problem, many customers will have older frames. So you skip the four frame attachment points which would have the springs hit the legs.