Expand the lifespan of your floor with the protective floor cover.
This protective cover is an effective solution for the cleaning and disinfection of your floor exercise, and protects the carpeted surface.

Equipment Features:
• This covers the entire exercise floor surface while keeping its intrinsic qualities in terms of dynamics, reliability, and rebound.
• Is an efficient solution for the cleaning and disinfection of your exercise floor surface, while protecting the carpet surface as the use of virucide is not possible.
• Waterproof, use of disinfectant is possible.
• UV Protection
• Removable, easy to install and pack away for your needs (Birthday parties/rentals).
• Helps prevent damages from other sports (School, baby gym, Parkour/Freestyle).
• Easy to install
• 100 denier PVC, Class M2 Fire rating, and Phthalate free.
• Tensioning System
• Available in Ivory & Blue

Optional Sizes Available:
- 13m Floor Cover [SA-6370B]
- 14m Floors Cover [SA-6372B]

• SA-6370B
• SA-6372B