Natural Fiber Pink Training Rail is designed to fit multiple sets of Uneven Bars. The smaller diameter allows for smaller athletes to progress faster and with confidence. When learning and building skills, its pink colour makes it easier to spot when learning various release elements.

Pin Style- used for old style SA Uneven Bars and Single Bars
No Pin Style- used for Gymnova Style and New Adjustable Single Bar

Extended lifespan due to the Natural Fiber construction.
 Texture provides an incredible grip.
 Rails require less chalk to prepare due to new texture.
 Less chalk is needed resulting in a cleaner and safer gym.
 Can safely be cleaned with water.
 Hand-Sanitizer and other bacterial cleaners do not affect the quality and lifespan of the rail.
 36.5mm Thick
Attached Pin or No Pin
 Patent Pending
 Sold Individually


P121-105A- Pin Style
3268 - No Pin