Minitrampoline esp. for school sports, therapy and rehabilitation centres

The Minitramp 112 / 125 has been manufactured by Eurotramp from the very beginning, since 1960. It is generally used as an angled take-off trampoline. There is a wide range of uses due to the many variations of the equipment. For example: the Minitramp is either available with high-performance steel springs or rubber cables. A jumping bed made of 13 mm nylon strands provides the necessary performance level for all athletes; a double-perlon jumping bed ensures a good feeling of safety – especially for school children. The Minitramp frame is available in two sizes: 112 × 112 cm or 125 × 125 cm. If required, it can also be supplied with two equally sized leg frames. Foam thickness of frame pads: 16 mm.

ITEM NO: T50500