These are little hooks which are used to make a new spring shorter, to supply less tension.

They are one of the keys to the great bouncing experience which Rebound Products provides.

We are the only manufacturer who has a strategy to deal with the facts…
All springs lose tension over time, mostly in the first few months, and also beds elongate continually after an initial growth spurt.

To provide an optimal bounce for as long as possible, we offer low growth beds and high lifetime springs. We also make the springs so they are a bit too tight when brand new.

With a few extenders on the bed initially, the potential exists to keep the perfect tension throughout the life of the bed. Other manufacturers give you a product which starts out too tight and ends up too soft.
Extenders also allow adjustments for different user preferences.

New Inner Extenders
Originally extenders were placed between the springs and the frame. This moved the spring weight closer to the bed, adding to effective spring weight.

By placing the extender between the spring and the bed, we get the opposite, removing some effective spring weight.

Rebound Products is the only manufacturer of inner extenders. These are made to be both strong and light. Also the shape has been designed to place all sharp wire ends out of harm’s way.


RECOMMEND QUANTITY: 54 Spring Extenders on a new bed