Running multiple classes at one time can sometimes be a challenge keeping gymnast within their group. Not anymore! With the Divider Walls & Door, you can section of floor space for a particular use or class, or you can even create a small pit for preschoolers. Each section connects together and fastens to the floor with Velcro.

Sold Individually
 Each Divider Wall is 6" W x 60" L x 28" H
 Join 4 Walls together and fill with loose foam for an small pit for preschoolers
 Add a door in-between sections to allow for pass through

Optional Colors Available:
 Red [CWD-1-RED]
 Blue [CWD-1-BLUE]
 Yellow [CWD-1-YELLOW]
 Orange [CWD-1-ORANGE]
 Green [CWD-1-GREEN]
 Purple [CWD-1-PURPLE]
 Pink [CWD-1-PINK]
 Black [CWD-1-BLACK]
 Grey [CWD-1-GREY]
 White [CWD-1-WHITE]
Pool Blue [CWD-1-POOLBLUE]
Lime Green [CWD-1-LIMEGREEN]