CARTWHEEL MAT 6.5 FT X 1.6 FT X 1.7"

A mat for learning how to do cartwheels. The visual guides help young gymnasts work on alignment and positioning in a fun way.
• Pink
• 6.5’ Length x 1.6’ Width x 1.57” thick

Equipment Features:
• Seeing where your hands on the floor makes it so much easier to try a cartwheel for the first time.
• With a few simple instructions, beginners can learn a cartwheel and fix the most common mistakes within minutes.
• Can also be used to learn gymnastics skills. Left Cartwheels, right • Cartwheels, handstands, bridges, forward, and backward rolls.
• The mats can also be used to divide classes into circuits and practice stations.
• Mats are light, flat, and easy to move around any surface.

ITEM NO: 10.19.06121