FIG certified
New fiberglass linen rails "Fiberflex Pro"
New standard rail heights (175/255cm)
New height adjustment with built in system
 Replacement Rail Recommended: 2204130
Built in transporter system

FIG-certified, ORIGINAL REUTHER The competition Uneven Bars with new linen rails "Fiberflex Pro" and a new built-in height adjustment system. New standard heights according to the current FIG standard: low rail 175 cm, high rail 255 cm. With a new built-in height adjustment system in the uprights. By pushing the locking pins the height can be adjusted e.g. for tall gymnasts (at high upright in combination with a knob). An adaption of the tensioning is mandatory. With patented double tension system including 2 slide adjusters providing the individual fine turning of tension. Adjustments: low rail from 150 to 200 cm, high rail from 230 to 280 cm, distance between the rails max. 195 cm.

#184B Swivel Anchor with Quick Link Attachment Sold Separately

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