Tiger Paws Wrist Guards

Spieth America Tiger Paw Wrist Wraps

    Whether you are rolling, tumbling, or flipping, you need a wrist brace that will support your wrists and stabilize your landing. Tiger Paws gives our athletes the confidence they need in order to perform at the highest levels.
    Your wrists and hands are an integral part of your fitness as a gymnast and cheerleader. The last thing you need is an injury. Tiger Paws help with the prevention of wrist injuries, such as hyperextensions, sprains, strains tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Keep your wrists safe and stable with Tiger Paws.

  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Customize your level of support with included foam and plastic inserts. These inserts allow you to personally adjust the level of stability you need in your wrist wrap. The XS Tiger Paws Wrist Wraps come with 2 plastic inserts and 2 foam inserts while all the other sizes are shipped with 4 plastic inserts and 2 foam inserts.

  • SNUG, COMFORTABLE FIT: Tiger Paws are made to be snug and tight. A snug and tight fit is crucial to providing you with greater wrist support. As you wear them, they will break in and conform to the size of your wrists. 

These incredible wrist braces are made to keep your wrists secure and stabilized throughout your routine, supporting the delicate muscles in your wrists to keep them from getting strained or sprained. Tiger Paws are known for their ability to help prevent strains, sprains, hyperextensions, and even carpal tunnel.

Primarily used by gymnasts and cheerleaders alike, Tiger Paws have been sold to a variety of athletes including: platform high divers, bicyclists, yoga enthusiasts, boxers, and more!

When you first order your Tiger Paws Wrist Wraps, they will be stiff; many first-time users may worry that they purchased the wrong size. However, Tiger Paws are supposed to be snug and tight. This helps ensure greater wrist support. Over time, they will break in and mold to the shape of your wrists. Included foam and plastic inserts allow you to customize the level of padding and support. Tiger Paws can be used by men and women, as well as by adults, teens, and kids.

Order the size closest to your hand measurement.
Custom sizes are available for an additional charge.